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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cynthia Nixon - Gay Was Her Choice

I thought this was a great piece that Salon's Tracy Clark-Flory wrote about.

I have long argued that the idea of sexuality being forced by biology is arguing from a position of weakness, ultimately a much weaker argument than that of natural human rights.

But Marta Meana, says it best:

"Marta Meana, a clinical psychologist at the University of Nevada Las Vegas who has researched sexual fluidity, believes “it is a devil’s bargain to argue for acceptance on the basis of biology,” she explains. “The ‘I can’t help it’ argument retains the idea that something is amiss. The truly progressive stance is that all people should be treated with respect, dignity and equality regardless of the mechanisms that led them to prefer having consensual sex with one group over another, at any point in time.”"

Think about it if someone who was black, plaintively made that argument to a racist.  It would sound ridiculous, moreover, it would cede the high ground to the racist who could then argue, "Well, so you admit it.  Then you truly must be a lower human being who is generally deserving of less."

So let me borrow from Ms. Meana and rephrase.  The strongest liberal argument has always been:  "The truly progressive stance is that all people should be treated with respect, dignity and equality, regardless, of race, religion, sexual preference, or socio-economic position."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Biggest Batshits are Winning!

What's more exciting than a primary day!  Check out the New York Times for a by the minute accounting of the Iowa caucuses.

And the results are in!  Iowa is officially nuts!  Paul and Santorum (the dissolve the Fed guy, and the Racist, homophobic, biggot!)

Of course, its still too early to count.  I expect Romney will take it. 

Krugman Explains Debt

Just a quick post.  Paul Krugman explains what I've attempted on many verbose occasions to explain as well.  Why concern about the deficit is a red herring.  Read it here.