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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Repubs Finally Get Digital

So get this, after years of moaning about how the blogosphere has been overwhelmingly leftist, the GOP has finally gotten with the digital age.

It's true. Government propaganda is top down. And there are only so many ways wingnuts can deep throat the words of the President, and General Petraeus. Actual discussion is the nature of democracy and is of course will always be more open and liberal.

Still, this was troubling to me--not because there was anything wrong with it--Just because I know that my Party will utterly fail in responding adequately. Moreover, the GOP will get these websites up and running, the media will do specials on them, and it will be made to look as if these are "real" people setting up "real" websites. They aren't.

If the GOP begins to claim that they are, then they will have done something wrong. However, no doubt, the Press, when it comes time, will skip the job of actually asking questions, and will simply report what they read as if it were true. So again, the GOP, won't have actually done anything wrong. Afterall, it's not their fault that the Press is inept.

Of course, they won't be right. They would still be liable, but wiley GOP lawyers will no doubt weasel their way out of that with little difficuly. Afterall, what's a little campaign grease compared to Telecom Amnesty.

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