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Thursday, December 30, 2010

CNN: A News Junkie's YouTube

It occurred to me today.  I don't go to for serious news about the world.  I go there for wackie videos or stories about the man eating elvis impersonator who was actually a cat on human growth hormone, particularly when I'm feeling bored or looking for a bit of cheap entertainment.  Did you check the link?  Did you?  Totally fooled you didn't I?  But you checked, not because of the improbability of seing a cat on HGH impersonating Elvis and eating a human, you checked because you thought you might actually see such a thing on CNN.  Today they've posted videos about Leopard attacks, yesterday, the top ten deer attacks of 2010.  Is it worse that I go to this site to get this information, or worse that this once credible news source uses these inane come-ons to drive up site traffic.

My post will prop up site circulation for CNN.  So will the fact that I will have used CNN, a total of 10 times.  Such is the magic (CNN) of search engine engineering (CNN rocks!)  Honestly, I'm not really disappointed with CNN.  The news network that I grew up with is gone, but then again, I preferred Dan Rather at CBS anyway, he was the anchor of my youth, and the only newsman for whom I ever felt any real connection to (CNN sucks!)  It's really just a sad commentary on (CNN) squandered intellectual capital.  Good luck and goodbye CNN, and if a man eating Elvis impersonator ever shows up, you can bet I'll post the link ASAP.

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