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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bush Broke the Law

No surprise to any of us Ravingleftatics, but I'm glad its on record with a semi-official body in the United States.  Thanks Nigeria, but it means more when we do it.  It's sad that this news is pretty far down the line of important news stories.  It's also a ridiculous that the commission didn't release this report until now, but hey.  Thanks to the New York Times to at least publishing yesterday.  No word on whether the DOJ will bring charges, and you get bet your sweet bippy they won't.

To sum up the story for you.  Bush was found to be in violation of the Hatch Act.  This is the act that forbids public funds from being used to politic.  And, of course, Bush had a war room set up, funded with taxpayer dollars to siphon press, money and votes to Republicans during the 2006 election.

Frankly, I'm sure Dems have been guilty of this too.  But it's so antithetical to how a democracy ought to run, that it needed to be pointed out, highlighted and sung from the rooftops.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty high up, and no one will hear me from my roof top.

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