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Friday, February 11, 2011

Scientology and Other Idiot Talk

I'm not too interested in Scientology other than in the cult aspect of it.  But I'm reading that article from The New Yorker and I saw a quote I just had to share.  Paul Haggis recently dropped Scientology because of its conflicting messages regarding homosexuality.  Paul Haggis is a smart guy, and I've liked many of his movies.  But that an intelligent man could say something as inane as this...

“There was a feeling of camaraderie that was something I’d never experienced—all these atheists looking for something to believe in, and all these loners looking for a club to join.”

Huh?  An atheist looking for something to believe in is a contradiction in terms.  Loners looking for a club to join...come on.  I'm both.  I'm an atheist because I could give. a. shit. And I'm a loner, whose joined clubs because I liked what the club did, not the people, or the comraderie.  In fact, I sit by myself and specifically tried to talk to as few people as possible.  Most of the clubs I've belonged to have served alcohol.  That's a draw too.

Haggis was a disturbed young man, dropping out of school, having limited social success, Scientology helped him.  Bully for him. 

Religion prays on people who need people.  I need only one person.  And I have her.

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