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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Least Reported Story - Republicans Grant Oil Amnesty-Again

In a slick move by the Dems, they managed to get a bill on the floor to shave oil subsidies.  Of course, it died yesterday in the Senate.  Still, it was a deficit reduction measure, and the deficit hawks will have a harder time blaming Dems now.  Plus, it's good fodder for the populist trough.  Down with Big Oil.  Also, Big Oil, if you pay my college loans off, I'll totally sing your praises.  We can call it RavingOilslick.

On another note:  CNN political reporting is pretty lame.  So many of the 5 Ws were not answered in that piece.  Who sponsored the bill?  Who argued for it on the floor?  What was the bill's number, the bill's text?  What subsidies?  The bill gives numbers, true, but such vague, generalized numbers as it would be hard to fact check.

Let me guess CNN.  You sent some junior staffers to the vote, got some comment from randomly leaving members, and posted the article.  Sigh.  This is why I prefer to get my news from Jon Stewart.

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