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Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's not an Entitlement, it's a Responsibility

Again and again, I keep hearing politicians and media analysts talk about entitlements: "Democrats in Congress have to look at entitlement spending," "entitlement spending is out of control" yada yada yada.

This is one more example of Dems and Liberals letting the adversary control the dialogue. Entitlements. No one likes entitled people, they step all over you, and think the whole world is theirs to piss on. Bad entitlements. The term is so vague, and so misapplied that its a wonder liberal media analysts never challenge their opponents on it. I hear it on Chris Mathews, I hear it on Bill Maher, CNN. It's always used by the otherside, and the Liberals just nod their heads and shrug ponderously. They know its the wrong word--but they don't fight it.

Here it is people, let me lay it out to you, in stark, Ravingleftatic terms.

1. Entitlement spending doesn't exist.
2. Zero dollars are spent on entitlement spending.
3. Billions of dollars are given up by the IRS for inheritance taxes that have been mutilated--that's an actual entitlement.  (Root: titled, as in landed gentry, as in aristocracy, as in Republican.)
4.  The government has a responsibility to protect its people
5.  That protection goes in this order.  Freedom from want, Freedom from fear, and Freedom of worship, and Freedom of speech. (That's right, I changed FDRs order--Freedom from want, and freedom from fear trump freedom of speech and worship.)
6.  Unemployment, Social Security, Medicare-Medicaid, Food Stamps, Housing programs, these are the government's responsibilities toward it's people in alleviating the first first of those mandatory protections.
7.  Entitlements are what the government does for it's wealthiest--let's them off the hook.
8.  Responsibility is what the government has for its poorest.

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