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Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy WALL STREET Plank

Ok, so here is the follow up to my earlier post on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I propose the following:

1.  Raise the Corporate Tax.  Taxes do not have an effect on growth.  Demand has an effect on growth.  Period, end of sentence.  Stop whining.

2.  Close tax loopholes, including taxes on inheritances and capital gains.  The government needs revenue.  It doesn't cost anymore than it did in 2008 to feed a family of four, welfare checks still do more for the economy than tax cuts for the wealthy.

3.  Create an index of companies with high CEO to Entry-Level salary ratios and tax those with the highest ratios.  Funnel the proceeds directly into social services for the middle and lower classes.

4.  Quit watering down the latent Consumer Protection Agency, beef it up

5.  Beef up the SEC, this has, to some extent been done.  But even now, the SEC doesn't go after the big fish.  Only the medium and small fish.

6.  Break up the giant banks

7.  Criminal prosecutions (that the DOJ actually takes seriously) for the participants in the 2007-8 Crisis. No matter how high up they go, even if it means Obama Administration higher-ups. But particularly the previous administration's "King's Men."

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