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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jason Alexander and The Onion--Gun Control

I have little to say on the topic of the Colorado massacre.  Except a few things:  The Onion says it best, there is a weird, almost hopeless ennui I think we're all feeling here.  One more massacre.  One more candelight vigil, one more media circus.  That's odd, isn't it?  It's like we have resigned ourselves, that we THE PEOPLE, can do nothing about it.

On another related topic.  Wolf Blitzer ought to resign.  The man has become a symbol for hopeless journalism, media sycophantry, and the utter uselessness of the 24-hour news cycle.

The rage of a Raving Leftatic, Jason Alexander.

The terrible ennui of a despondent liberal population., as always, from The Onion.

I share the trepidation of media elites in condemning Democrats for not taking a more progressive stance.  This is an election year.  And guns, god, and gays are the cries of not just the far right, but the vast middle.  I, frankly do not know what to do.  Save to advocate for gun control through agencies like The Brady Center.

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