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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Janet Napolitano v Canada

My Canadian family recently pointed me to the latest outrage up north. The article states that Napolitano admonished Canada for lax border security, and propagated the myth that the 911 attackers came through Canada. First, this is absolutely not true. The September 11th Commission established that every single attacker came through American airports with American papers. Secondly, and this is what gets me, Canadians don't have to show ID to leave their country. I drive over that border ALL the time, Canada checks me when I enter, the US checks me when I come home. How nonsensical is this woman?

My reading seems to indicate that the woman at the very least, knows it's not true. But this sort of carelessness is Bush league. Very very disappointing. I did some research on the lady, and she has a decent track record--but no one just steps over the border from Canada to the US. There are border controls along every route. America should take responsibility for its own borders not scape-goat the nations that we depend on for trade and good will. Insert foot in mouth Janet. I hate the Department of Homeland Security. Fuck this homeland bull shit. Sounds like the Fatherland. It's my country, it's the place where I live, I have a home in it, and when I'm traveling abroad, I say I'm American--but that's where it stops. I haven't had a sense of pride in my nation since I was 11. And I think the bureaucratic nonsense of having every department roll up under one guy was a huge Bush misstep. So what if separate agencies conflicted. They're still conflicted.

In her defense there does seem to be a bit of confusion here. The article states:

Canada is allowing people into our country that we do not allow into ours."
She made the comments hot on the heels of another contentious remark she made,
where she mistakenly suggested that the 9-11 terrorists entered the U.S. through

However, in the same article, it has the Canadian minister of public safety saying:

"Ms. Napolitano understood quite clearly, then and now, that none of the September 11 terrorists came through Canada, as the 9-11 Commission found."

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