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Thursday, September 16, 2010

1 in 7 Americans lives in Poverty--But they're probably just slackers

So, front page of the New York Times, declaims, Poverty Rate Rose Sharply in 2009.  Not a surprise, really, but it's good that the Times picked up on the story.  I mean, probably not good for the midterms, but hopefully the news will serve to rejigger the Democratic Party to leave behind the spector of the deficit, and think about getting Americans work, and saving the middle class.

Why the middle class, and not the poor?  Well, look at it like this.  Programs for the poor are sinkhole programs.  Necessary evils.  That money is not helping the poor advance, or get out of poverty, it's less than substistence wages.  It's just barely making it.  It's wage slavery.  But it's the only thing they got.  But helping the middle class, that's another story. 

Helping the middle class is economic stimulus.  New business growth will explode, new jobs will appear, education will be more affordable, healthcare reform will lighten the burden of medical hardship.  Providing longer maternity leaves, and giving them to men will encourage young families to stay engaged in the workforce, and continue their careers without fear of economic reprisal.

So, tonight after my tax class, I'm going to raise a pint to the Census bureau and Elizabeth Warren.

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