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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Poll: Americans want their Cake

A fabulous new CNN poll says absolutely nothing of value.  Apparently, a majority of Americans want taxes raised on the wealthy.  And, they want deep spending cuts.  They just don't want medicare or social security cut.  Oh.  It's that other spending we do that costs so much.  You know, that spending.  Doesn't this seem fundamentally ignorant to you too?

Americans are terrified of debt, and there's some reason for this.  Many of them have been foreclosed on, refinanced their home two or even three times.  Since their income's have been stagnant and rising at a rate well below inflation, they've been using their credit card to substitute as income.  So they've had consumer debt.  And though they knew things were bad in 2007, at least they had jobs and homes back then.

That aside, this ludicrous idea that people want the government to cut spending, but can't reconcile any spending in particular which they'd like to see cut--is just embarrasing.

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