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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blagojevich's alter ego: The Joker

This guy is beginning to frighten me. I had a realization today that may have been stunningly obvious to others already. Two days ago, Blagojevich skipped out on his impeachment trial to go on 5 talk shows in a row. He laughed, he smiled, he got his hair ruffled, he preened. Either the guy is totally nuts (you don't HAVE to attend an impeachment trial?) or he realized it was hopeless. The FBI has recordings of him making these statements. So maybe he thought he'd go out with a bang, go for all the gusto he can grab. Either way the guy must be a pyschopath. If he doesn't recognize what he did as wrong, and hasn't made any legitimate effort to prove it wasn't (skipping your impeachment trial) than he really doesn't give a flying fart. He wants to see himself on TV. The guy should be put away (in jail/in the cupboard/no where near a TV Camera). And the talk circuit should be loudly discouraged from allowing his face on air.

I've written before that selling a senate seat isn't actually a surprise, they get sold all the time. But the fact that this was allegedly a deal with an actual dollar value is insulting. I know how the game is do Carolyn Kennedy and David Pattersen, but if you get caught in the act...of such a sleazy transaction, at least have the dignity to step down in disgrace.

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