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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dumb Dumb Dumb

Obama kills me. He just kills me. And where is the liberal outrage now? Salon certainly isn't carrying it. He's talking about cutting welfare, cutting medicaid, end the entitlements. This has been the staple of the democratic party for 60 years, and he's just going to cut back on it?

Maybe I should have voted for McCain. Christ. If McCain had tried it, Pelosi and Reid would have rolled over until the liberal blogosphere kicked them back to their feet, but at least they would have stood up. Who knows, maybe the spineless party will develop one. Oh wait, no.

The good people of the Obama campaign should look at this blog. This is real data. This is everyman, every poor or middleclass man. Almost all of our income gets spent EVERY month of the year. You give us welfare, and we're not hoarding it for our 401ks, we're not investing it in Collateralized Debt Obligations. We're spending it. Sometimes every damn dollar.
Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe he'll pull away from this dangerous policy. But if Obama renounces this policy than he's more centrist than Clinton ever was, and all you stupid kids out there deserve what you ordered. I do too, for listening to you. Oh Hillary, I'm so sorry.
However, it should be pointed out that this was one of the first things that FDR did was reign in government spending. He forced the entire government, including Congress, to take a large pay cut, and then cut veteran benefits. So maybe this is all part of the plan, and if he puts America back to work, then maybe it won't matter, but there are lots of places to look when cutting government waste. About the Bush abstinence program for starts. That would clean up a cool 300 million right there.

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