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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pluck 'em says the New York Post

The writers for the New York Post have been universally condemned for two decades for being hateful little maggots, but this cover was so funny, so outrageously idiotic, that I assumed it had to be a joke.

So we all know about the A320 Airbus that crashlanded on the Hudson last week. It wasn't a miracle, it was an incredibly skilled pilot, great conditions, good airstaff, and wonderful New York ferry drivers who came to the rescue. That's not what has my panties in a bind. What gets me is that, it wouldn't have mattered what the cause of the downed engine--the New York Post would have said--Kill 'em. It's like it came from a Monty Python sketch, not that those neanderthals have ever seen one.

And looking at the picture. They're serious. Kill the geese. I wonder if they realize that they're actually undermining their credibility pretty signifcantly. It's one thing to demonize a race, a gender, a sexuality, a religion. But demonizing Canadian Geese at large proves only one thing--that they really don't care. They're completely apathetic--all they need to do is to be angry--it doesn't matter what they're angry about.

One last point. One of the principal complaints is that some species of Canadian Geese no longer migrate. Ever wonder why? Because it's now warm enough to stay here year round. (Search the link for "geese")

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